Childcare Provider Training

Childcare Provider Training

We have designed the  Mumaroo Childcare Providers course for individuals and nurseries. This is an exclusive course designed by team Mumaroo and can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Course Content:
Instinctual Babywearing: A look through the history of mankind and how carrying babies really is in our instincts.
Modern Society and Babywearing myths: A stark look at modern society and the expectations on parents. Common misconceptions and concerns around babywearing. 
Baby Physiology: An in depth understanding of the physiology of a newborn through to toddlerhood and how to support their natural position

Posture and Health of the Caregiver: A look at positioning and comfort for the safety and health of the caregiver. A look at extra health and safety risks within the childcare environment. 
Appropriate Clothing: A full look at appropriate clothing for all weather conditions whilst carrying children. Covering warmer climates and colder months
Safety: A full safety guide plus our suggestions and templates for creating safety check lists, risk assessments and parental consent forms. 
Full demonstrations: A full demonstration of using the carriers with all aged babies followed by the opportunity to do this yourself with guidance and support using our weighted demonstration dolls.


        • All courses come with:
        • A  brand new Boba X fully adjustable carrier – packages available for nurseries and larger settings.
        • Completion certificates
      • A3 Poster covering all safety



Courses for individual childminders, au pairs and nannies will be held during 2019 and available to book shortly. These will be provided in a small group settings of no more than 5 participants. 



Nursey settings can choose to book one of our packages outlined below – These can be tailored to your individual needs. 


    • To enquire / book please email us.