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Shy Child

Toddler Behaviour Advice

Toddlers are amazing but my goodness aren't they also SAVAGE?! 

Many things can be challenging as your baby grows and becomes more independent - and this can vary massively as they go through different stages and learn new things! 


There could be any number of things that's causing you to feel burnt out and that you need some extra help. It may be tantrums, lashing out, refusal to eat or even sleep related issues. Whatever the case we can help and support in an un-judgemental way. Our toddler consultations put you and your child first creating a calmer family all round. 

One thing that sets our Calm Family sessions apart from others is YOU decide and YOU are in control - because you are the expert in what works for your family! 

Toddler Behaviour Consultations will be available soon. Please register your interest below