Ring Sling – front / off centre carry. Older Baby.

Ring Slings really do tick all the boxes for a lot of people! When I have one to ones I often discuss what the priorities are for a new carrier with parents and the top answers are usually


Easy to pop baby in and out of

Something I can breastfeed on the go with

Something that fits both parents



Ring Slings are perfect for all of the above!
Though in truth; they can easily be put on incorrectly and when done so can cause pain for the parent and feel uncomfortable. Here we show you how to correctly use your ring sling. The initial threading of the ring sling is very important and enables you to easily adjust the sling whilst using it…. this does not need to be done every time and you can just place your ring sling over your head to use it but I do usually recommend you checking that there are no twists or bunched up bits before you pick up baby every time and if there is then re threading it. After a few goes it becomes second nature and you check it without really thinking about it!

I have done a separate tutorial for placing a squishy newborn into a ring sling and also a video to show you how to correct common ring sling errors.

Here I’m using Artipoppe Argus Juliet Ring sling

Purchase your ring sling here!


Photography: Hudson and Rose Photography, Grimsby

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