The Mama's of 2020

The Mama's of 2020

Your'e unique; that is for sure.

You've carried your babies and given birth through the strangest of times

There's just so much extra you've had to endure.

And I know you feel robbed of the chance to show off your new bundle of joy.

There's no where go. Nothing to do. No groups to enjoy.

I know there's times when it all feels too much to bare.

You feel forgotten and alone - does anyone even care?

That woman you was once seems a lifetime away.

You cant remember her much and you're just getting through day by day

And taking your baby out in a world full of sanitizer and masks;

Seems so scary and surreal that you avoid the most basic of tasks

The more you hide away the harder it all becomes

Are you the only one like this? Where are all the other new mums?

It's not fair, you whisper. It isn't supposed to be like this!

Then you feel guilty for the sadness; so your feelings you dismiss.

But you're right! this isn't what motherhood should be.

Maternity leave should be such a joyful memory.

Its okay to feel robbed, angry and even resentful

This was the year you became a Mama! and yet it feels so uneventful.

But you 2020 Mamas - you're an inspirational crew!

Through all the doom and gloom you're raising the next generation and there's no stopping you!

You're doing this Mama !! It might not be the way you imagined

You're raising a happy, contented baby - there's no need to be saddened.

I promise you in years to come you'll look back on these days

You'll tell stories and tales of this weird and strange phase

You'll tell your baby how you kept them safe by staying together

You'll talk of lazy days, cuddles on the sofa, gentle walks regardless of the weather.

And I need you to know.... you are certainly not alone!

There's a whole army of us Mama's standing beside you right in your phone.

And I know it's not quite as good as face to face

But we are here, our community in this online safe space.

A place with no judgement to share our highs and lows...

To talk about our feelings - the ones no one else knows.

So when the world starts to get back to how we knew in the past

These online friendships can blossom and we can socialise at last

Because your army of online Mamas - they're here for the duration.

Every birthday, every milestone, every special occasion

So don't you worry wonderful mama; there's no need for dismay

You're Mama friends they're here - and they're here to stay.


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