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I offer one to one appointments in the comfort of your own home. These have proven to be very popular and I get lots of feedback from parents saying how much more confident they felt after having a one to one session. See our reviews on our facebook page here. You can also read through some one to ones I have written about here. The most common reasons people book me for a one to one session are:

You are new to babywearing and you’d like to have the time to look at all options in detail and try many styles of korrin image

You or your baby have a medical condition which requires special attention

You wish to backcarry your baby (we do not teach this during library sessions)

You have multiple children / twins and wish to carry them both at the same time

You are particularly anxious about babywearing and safety

You wish to attend our bump to babywearing course but cannot make the set workshop dates

I have been fully trained by The School of Babywearing and I am fully insured. Certificates and evidence of both can be provided upon request.






Below is a list of current prices and packages but please do not hesitate to contact me further to discuss your individual needs.
Everyone who books a one to one session will receive a membership card at the end of their session. This membership card can then be used to hire from any session in future without paying the deposit fees.


Priva14908398_10154724789332009_3185747391674137231_nte one to one session: A private session in your own home. I will bring all available slings to you and we will have chatted beforehand about your needs. You have as much time with me as you need to discuss and try all type and we will chat over safety in detail. Hiring is available from one to one sessions at an additional cost of £10 per month.  £25 – Joint session with a friend £40

Private Bump to Baby session: The very popular bump to babywearing workshop (see here) but privately in the comfort of your own home. Same workbook, came content and still your wrap on three months hire. £35

Photo from Barbara’s private twin bump to baby session. You can read more about her session here





14732411_10154857017111535_6976426744460247851_nLearning to Backwrap package: This is two visits. At session one we will discuss getting baby onto your back, safety whilst doing this, tightening techniques and completing a basic ‘ruck’ carry. I will then leave you with some homework and will be available for you during this time if you should need to chat over how you are getting on. Typically the second session is booked two weeks later but this can vary depending on your needs. I will then come back to troubleshoot any issues you may have encountered and then we will discuss what carries you would like to move onto and practice some of those. Many people find this a fun session and like to do it with a friend if they have a similar age baby. You can book this as a joint session if you wish.  Please see a review of some backwrapping one to ones I have done this year over on the blogs pages.  Single person £40 Joint session £60



Photo above from Kirsty’s backwrapping package. Right: Sam and Sonia’s joint session.

Antenatal package: This package is everything expecting parents need and would be a great babyshower or blessingway gift! Three sessions in total. Session one before baby’s arrival; I will come to your home and provide a session very similar to the bump to baby package. We will ensure you are fully prepared and confident using a stretchy wrap and then I will leave you a stretchy wrap for three months. I am available once baby has arrived to chat online or skype should you need to go over what we have learnt. Session two will happen around 3 months later. We will discuss how you have been getting on, whether baby is now wanting to look out more, have arms out etc and then we will look at other sling options and find a suitable carrier for baby to move on to. You will then have your choice of carrier on hire for a further two months. At around 6 months your final visit we will look at possibly moving baby onto your back if you wish to and other carrier / wrap options. You will then be able to choose another carrier or keep what you’ve had for a further two months. Booking these appointments and hires individually would total £120. Booked as a whole package its just £95!


Mini Sling Library: Sometimes groups of friends contact me who cannot make one of our library sessions. Or sometime we have mums who are expecting babies around the same time and would like a fun session as a babyshower. You can book a session in your own homes and I will bring all the library slings to you. If its a special occasion such as a babyshower I am happy to discuss individual needs and provide extras such as sling gifts for the expectant mummy. Please contact me to discuss special requests. A session of upto 4 can be booked below – please choose a morning session as I will rule out the entire day for your session to ensure we have enough time. £80

Skype session: If you need a little help with a carrier you already own, or if you’ve hired a carrier and you cant get it comfortable then it may be you just need some very simple hints and tips. I offer a half an hour skype session to go over this with you. Skype sessions need to be booked via email or facebook message and usually occur on Monday evenings. £10 per half hour charged in advance.



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