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Babywearing consultation FAQs


Do you have any training to teach me to babywear? Yes I do! I am a full trained Babywearing Consultant. I trained at the School of Babywearing in March 2014. This is a formal Level 3 Qualification with the Open Colleges Network (OCN) You can find you more about my qualification here: A copy of my certificate is available on request.

Do you have any insurance? Yes! My insurance is also provided through the School of Babywearing and I can provide evidence of this upon request.

What can I expect from a consultation? My undivided time and attention for as long as you need. Sessions generally last an hour but some have been known to last two. Each consultation is individual and tailored to your needs. I will always send you a pre-consultation questionnaire and this will help me to fully prepare for our meeting together. It will also give you the opportunity to think what you would like to get out of the consultation. For some, it’s as simple as to find a new sling. For others it can be about gaining confidence or learning a new skill. During a session I will talk through how a particular carrier is designed to work, I will then demonstrate how to use the carrier using a demonstration doll. When you are happy you can then have a go yourself using the doll. Only when we are both happy will we move on to using your baby / child.

Can I have someone with me at a consultation? Of course. This is your time and if you would prefer to have a family member present that is absolutely fine. You have the opportunity to add their details on the pre consultation questionnaire.

Do I need to prepare anything for your visit? I come with everything we will need to have a one to one and can work in any setting. I find it is useful to have a carpeted spacious area to work in but this is not always possible so please do not worry about making a specific space.  If you have long hair a bobble is usually handy! A note about pets: I love animals! And enjoy meeting all your pets and giving them a fuss. However; it is usually best if dogs and cats are kept away or out of the room during the session. We can often have quite a lot of material out on the floor and they do seem to love sitting/ clawing them! They can also be a trip hazard when we are trying slings on.

I have an older child will they be allowed to attend the session?

I am very happy for older children to be present during our one to one and if you would like me to bring a dolly and mini slings along to involve them in the session please just mark this on your questionnaire. I find this really helps children to feel involved with their new sibling!

There are a few of my friends wanting a consultation too. Can we all share one session and split the fee?  I provide consultations on and individual basis (though both parents are welcome to share the time) It is great that you have found a group of friends all wanting to learn together and a small group session is something I can certainly provide to you all. Please contact me to discuss this in more detail and I will provide a quotation on pricing and availability.

I have a disability / health condition. Can I still have a consultation?  Yes! This is why I request some medical information from you on your pre consultation questionnaire and why completing it is so important. Sometimes for more complex needs I will refer back to my trainer at the School of Babywearing for specific guidance and advice. I will always ask your permission before I do this.

My child has had their vaccinations just before the session. Is this okay? Sometimes having vaccinations can make babies feel unwell and they can be unsettled for a few days after. Therefore it is not usually a good time to try learning something new with them. I find it is best if you book at least a week before they are due (so we have the sling ready for when they are unsetted) or a week after once they are better.


I have disclosed some things to you during my pre consultation / consultation that I do not wish others to know about. All consultations are confidential and private and I do not discuss the details of them with any third parties. Should I need to refer back to my trainers on your behalf and discuss your needs with them I will always ask your permission first. I do not store your information anywhere for longer than it is required.

Can I hire the slings from you after a consultation? Yes! Hiring is a great way to know for sure that you like a certain carrier before you chose to purchase one of your own. You can hire any carrier I have available at that time for £10 per month – no deposit is taken.

What if I go away from the consultation and then forget what I have learnt or cannot get on with the sling at home? Please do not panic! It is often the case that you will go home and forget something that you learnt that day or maybe need to clarify something. I am available for you after your consultation to provide you with continued support. Please just email me – I can either chat with you via email or we can arrange a skype call in needed.

How do I pay for my consultation?  I charge a set fee of £25 for consultations and request that this is booked and paid in advance via the website. There also offer packages. Please see the website for more information to decide what the best appointment type is for you. I no longer charge for mileage or fuel but do request that you use the appropriate calendar for your appointment.  There are three calendars to choose from depending on the area you are based. If you are unsure what area you should book under please contact me to discuss. Should you chose to hire a sling during a consultation you are welcome to bring cash with you on the day. If you would like to go on to hire a sling after your consultation the charge for this would be £10 per month – there are no deposits taken and you can choose to pay via cash or paypal on the day. What if I need to cancel or rearrange my consultation? I understand that where babies and small children are concerned things can never be predicted and life means we have to make changes! Please contact me as soon as you become aware that you need to cancel or amend your appointment. If you do need to cancel I please ask that you do this at the latest 24 hours before the appointment.  Consultations cancelled after this time cannot be refunded.

After my consultation I have found a sling I really like on your website. Do you offer me a discount?  I do not provide consultations to gain sales from our retail website and you are very welcome to shop anywhere you like after our session. However of course I would be delighted for you to purchase from us! Please let me know what you are wishing to purchase and I will see if I can offer you a small discount. Discount will depend on stock availability and product type.  

Should you have any further questions not covered above please do not hesitate to contact me on: