Baby Sleeping
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Newborn Sleep Support

I don't think anyone can be truly prepared for the lack of sleep that comes with parenting can they? It doesn't matter what you are told in pregnancy dealing with being up in the night is hard!! 

So you're completely exhausted ... so much so that you can't even think straight and what happens??

Someone gives you their 'advice' which is usually well meaning but usually involves...  "just leave baby in the room and he / she will learn!" Don't give baby attention and you can train him to stop crying." 

often this will be accompanied with "This is what I did and X is fine; has slept through since he was xx weeks old"

Does this all sound familiar? Unfortunately it's such a common scenario! and I'm always meeting parents who are at their wits end, thinking they're doing it all wrong and maybe they should do these methods of training despite all their instinct telling them not to. I was in your situation once - sitting outside my daughters room whilst she cried believing its what I HAD to do.
But there are other ways, and often it starts at understanding what is going on with your baby and what is actually just very normal newborn behaviour. Sometimes there's nothing to fix! but just support and techniques to help you get through. 


During our consultation we will explore in detail the affect this is having on you all as a family, what is normal, the science behind your infants sleep and their brain development and then we will look at techniques for creating a calmer happier sleep environment for you all as a family. At no point will i be teling you what to do or putting you under pressure. you are in control - always!