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A question we get asked A LOT is “what should my baby wear when in the carrier?” and the answer we give is often quite surprising to parents new to babywearing. Many parents come to us in the winter months asking how they should keep their baby warm; when in actual fact we are more concerned with ensuring babies don’t overheat! There can be a temptation to overdress baby when in your sling / carrier…. after all baby is more open to the elements isnt he? but in reality – he’s sharing your body heat; snuggled up close to you is just perfect for winter time. He really doesn’t need much more in terms of jackets or thick winter coats/ snowsuits.

Here is a handy guide to help you choose clothing suited to the weather:



Coats and Jackets


If you wish to you can purchase specific babywearing fleeces and jackets – We will have  a small selection in Autumn to choose from. Underneath the fleece or jacket you do not need to have any further layering than you would have on baby if he was in the house. – A hat for head warmth is all that is required.

Larger coats and jackets work as a great budget alternative to buying a specific babywearing one. Please do ensure that is does not cover baby’s face in any way.


Avoid: Putting your thick winter coat on then placing baby in their carrier over the top – this creates several problems:

  1. You will get hot! and taking your coat off isn’t easy without having to disturb baby
  2. The extra padding makes it hard for you to ensure your carrier is tight
  3. Baby is not sharing your body heat

    Baby’s clothing

As already stated; minimal extra clothing for baby is always best. Thinner cotton layers are great and a light cardigan or jumper work well. Think about the areas that are more exposed to the elements and give those an extra layer. Winter hats are great particularly those with a longer neck piece. We LOVE leg warmers and they work so  well as they can be so easily removed if baby gets too warm. We also love our booties handmade from Leopard spots baby that are fur lined and so snuggly warm on baby’s toes!




Avoid: It can be tempting to put baby in a thick coat or snowsuit; this can cause issues such as:

  1. If baby does become hot it can be very difficult to get baby out of the clothing without fully disturbing them and removing them from the carrier.
  2. Tightening your carrier is difficult due to the extra padding
  3. Often babies snowsuits are purchased in a size too big for them to allow for the extra clothing underneath – when baby is placed upright in a carrier this can cause it to ride upwards and may restrict airways on a smaller baby.




Warmer months

Baring in mind that Baby does share your body heat – Summer months can sometimes be just as worrying for parents. Is my baby getting too hot? How do I cool them down? etc….



 Sunhats, suncream and parasols are great for babywearing! Keeping baby in the shade as much as possible is ideal and this is where a parasol really helps when you’re on the move.
Ring slings work great in the summer months as they are one single layer and the extra tail of fabric can be used as a sun shade in needed. There are lots of Airflow carriers on the market and carriers specifically designed for the heat. Cotton  or linen wraps work brilliantly and try to do carries that have less layering involved. In terms of buckle carriers: there are lots that have airflow sections integrated into the carrier. Some that we have available to order here at Mumaroo are the Moby Aria.
We also found a mini battery operated fan useful on those extra hot days!

Photography: Hudson and Rose Photography, Grimsby and Mumaroo Members.

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