The importance of seeking professional advice for your sling or baby carrier


Quite often expectant parents find themselves bombarded with advice from everyone from family members and work colleagues to friends. This is particularly prevalent for first time parents! And whilst lots of this advice can be with the best of intentions and well meaning it can very quickly become confusing especially when receiving conflicting advice !

This can happen when mentioning you’re considering using a baby carrier. We often hear of people being offered second hand slings with advice such as “it’s ever so easy I’ll show you how to use it” obviously it’s wonderful that everyone is wanting to spread the babywearing love and to teach others how to use slings too and we are so excited that babywearing is becoming so much more popular nationwide and across our region. However; problems can quickly arise because teaching how to use a sling correctly is very different from using one yourself.

Here’s a summary on why its a good idea to choose a babywearing professional to teach you:

All babywearing consultants will have undergone training with a babywearing school in the U.K. – there are various courses available now but here at Mumaroo Korrin is your babywearing consultant and is trained by the School of babywearing. You can request to see her certificates at any time.
All staff and volunteers at Mumaroo either currently have or are about to partake in first aid training.
Mumaroo volunteers undergo regular and up to date training throughout the year

We are fully insured to teach you, during busy drop in sessions and in your own home and can provide instance certificates upon request. This is something we take very seriously here at Mumaroo as the safety of you and your baby is our highest priority

Mumaroo will reach its 4th birthday shortly! And the past four years have been absolutely amazing. We’ve learnt so much from all of you!
We have gained experience in so many specialist areas over the years particularly Korrin working on a one to one basis working with parents who have children with hip dysplasia, prematurity, needing oxygen or feeding tubes, heart conditions and many other life changing conditions – often working alongside healthcare professionals.
And of course one other very careful consideration is the emotional well being of parents. One thing we have learnt first hand from you all is that choosing a sling isn’t about owning a material possession it’s about starting a man emotional journey together with your child.

Here at Mumaroo we have a library of well over 200 slings available to hire. We not only can provide you with a huge range to try before you buy but we have become astute at knowing what type will be suitable for your needs! Korrin often says trying on a sling is a bit like going for a wedding dress fitting. When you find the ‘one ‘ you know! And we often know too from the huge smile on your face! We will often ask your series of questions enabling us to tailor what we show you to suit your needs

We are constantly updating our knowledge and experience but quite often we find that the most important part of our job is filling you with confidence. We talk quite a lot; particularly on our bump to babywearing workshop about the background to babywearing, including looking at our ancestry and current and up to date research. We cover myth busting and the concerns many parents have in our modern world.

This is our TOP priority and something we cover extensively with everyone we meet. Not only covering baby’s optimal position; ensuring airway is always clear but also talking over the safe and unsafe carriers available to purchase on the market .

Mumaroo Bump to Babywearing Workshop - Grimsby Mumaroo Bump to Babywearing Workshop - Grimsby

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