Welcome to the frequently asked questions page! Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the  answer you are looking for here.

When are your library sessions? You can see all the session times and venues here – We do send out reminders via our newsletter and on Facebook too so please do sign up and follow us to ensure you are keeping up to date.

I am looking for a sling to buy but I don’t know where to start! Can you help me choosing?
Yes of course! that is what we are here for. We really want you to get the correct carrier for you first time so we offer many options for you to be able to receive advice. You can come to one of our drop in sessions, book a private one to one session in your home or if you are expecting baby you may wish to consider our bump to babywearing workshop.

I’m not sure whether to come to a library session or to book a one to one. Which is best for me?  Please feel free to contact me further to discuss your individual needs and I will recommend the best option for you. There is more information about what to expect at a library session and one to one here. Have a read through the one to one FAQs too which are located on the one to one page for more insight into what to expect from a private session.

My baby is big / heavy! Is it too late to start carrying?  We are able to help people carry all children! From neonatal kangaroo care right through to chunky five / six year olds. We have carriers designed for all ages and sizes of child and wearer. Even relatively small babies can feel heavy and uncomfortable carried in arms but will then feel weightless when carried correctly and ergonomically.

I am not the child’s biological parent I am an adoptive parent / foster carer / grandparent / carer…. am I still able to carry? Absolutely! In fact it would be extremely beneficial in aiding your bonding experience. I usually recommend that we have a one to one session in these situations to ensure we can talk privately about your needs as there may well be information that you would not wish for others to overhear during a busy library session.

I / my child  has a medical condition. Can we still carry? Please contact me to discuss your medical condition in more detail. I have helped many families with limited mobility, sight impairments, hip dysplasia, heart conditions, epilepsy and many more medical conditions. It’s important to clarify I am not a medical professional; however I am able to work alongside your health care providers to find a solution that best suits your needs for carrying your child. Every case is individual and in some cases I may split our session into two parts, the first session I would spend the time talking over your condition and how that affects you on a day to day basis. I would then go away to build up a recommendation and it may well be that I go back to my trainers or discuss your needs with health care professionals before proceeding further ( with your permission ) I would then return with suitable carriers and recommendations.

What are the costs of booking a private session? All costs are explained fully on the one to one page, you can also download full one to one FAQs from there to read through.

Are you qualified and insured? Yes I am! I qualified in 2014 at the School of Babywearing and I can provide full documentation of my qualifications and insurance documents upon request.

Can I just hire from you without booking a one to one or coming to the library? We are all about giving quality advice here and ensuring you have the correct carrier and are confident using it safely before leaving us. Therefore I do not generally allow out of hours or postal hires.  Please do contact me to discuss if you are really struggling as we may be able to arrange a quick demonstration and hire out of hours for a small fee.

I don’t know how is best to dress my baby when in the sling. Can you help? This is something we are asked about a lot! please have a  read through our guide here

People are telling me not to babywear and it’s bad for my baby! Is this true? Sadly there are many many myths about babywearing! I am currently trying to address as many myths as possible in a myth busting blog section on the website because we hear so many! Please contact me to discuss if you have specific fears and I’m sure I can put your mind at rest. if you are on Facebook please join our group as we regularly chat about these issues in there.

I want to come along to a session but I don’t know anyone! is a one to one best? I often meet nervous mums and dads (this was me once too!) but our sessions are very welcoming and friendly and many people tell us they have made some of the best of friends from attending our sessions. We also organise sling walks around the local area and social gatherings. The best place to keep up to date is Facebook but it you do not have Facebook please do sign up to our newsletter. Some parents prefer to meet me at a one to one first and find this gives them the confidence to then attend a session. This is entirely your choice.

What areas do you cover? For one to ones I will consider travelling anywhere! Of course I would need to factor in costs for mileage and time into my visit. If you live outside of the Grimsby / Cleethorpes area please contact me first to discuss any additional costs. Library sessions are currently held in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Barton and Scunthorpe and will shortly extend to Louth.