Korrin and Harry of Mumaroo at Cleethorpes Beach wearing a Girasol Funtime Ringsling

Correcting Common Ring Sling Errors

There’s no doubt about it – Ring Slings are great. They’re quick, convenient and simple to use. But there is a technique! and they can take a little bit of practice and patience before you ‘get it’
If you’re looking for a general ring sling video see our video here

This video looks at common ring sling errors and how to simply correct them.

Silent Video looking at correcting the most common errors we see people make when using Ring Slings.
Error 1: Low rings – rings too low can cause pain and also make you feel very restricted.
Error 2: Suspended baby. If you’re feeling like you need to hold onto baby, baby slips down or simply that they feel suspended on the side of you then here’s how to correct it!
Error 3: Neck pain – how to stop it cutting into your neck.

Ringsling – Mumaroo exclusive Girasol – Funtime.
Vera wears: Boo creates dungarees
Teething necklace from Slingamebobs.

Photography: Hudson and Rose Photography, Grimsby


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