Front Wrap Cross Carry – Squish! (newborn)

Using your woven can be daunting… particularly with a tiny baby! But there is no doubt about it…. woven wraps are the most versatile carrier around! You can use a woven wrap for a tiny newborn baby, a larger sitting child… right on up to a five / six year old child if you wish … Read more

Stretchy Wrap – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) newborn

Stretchy wraps are fantastic! Particularly for those first few snuggly months! But what can happen all too often is that you buy yourself one, open the box…. see the HUGE long piece of material and PANIC!!!! (i did this!) Here’s our tutorial to show you how simple they are to use. We also provide monthly … Read more

No thank you…. I’m not THAT type of parent…..

  So I’ve recently heard a few of our regular sling library members say that they’ve excitedly told friends to come along to sling meets – or even recommended a consultation but had been met with a response of “no thank you I am not THAT type of parent” It’s led me to wonder…. Do … Read more