The importance of seeking professional advice for your sling or baby carrier

  Quite often expectant parents find themselves bombarded with advice from everyone from family members and work colleagues to friends. This is particularly prevalent for first time parents! And whilst lots of this advice can be with the best of intentions and well meaning it can very quickly become confusing especially when receiving conflicting advice … Read more

Backwrapping Basics: RUCK

Korrin & Vera from Mumaroo at Weelsby Woods

Backwrapping Basics: RUCK – Using Size 5 Natibaby Oxytocin Sunset. Vera wears: Alex and the bea headband and shorts set. Teething necklace by Slingamebobs4   The most popular package I offer for one to ones is by far the Backwrapping Package.  Over the past year I have seen the number of parents wishing to backwrap … Read more

Let’s talk about weather!

    A question we get asked A LOT is “what should my baby wear when in the carrier?” and the answer we give is often quite surprising to parents new to babywearing. Many parents come to us in the winter months asking how they should keep their baby warm; when in actual fact we … Read more

TICKS – Carrying your baby safely!

Safety is a huge concern for most parents when they decide they would like to try babywearing. The TICKS guidelines printed below were created by the UK consortium of sling manufacturers and retailers to give guidance to all parents, retailers and any other caregiver wishing to carry a child. If you visit us here at … Read more