Beware of the Bogus Babywearing Hoodie!

There seems to be a new craze flowing around Facebook at the moment and it’s something I feel we need to address here at Mumaroo. The babywearing hoodie! Babywearing hoodies have been around for years and they are a great way to keep warm  whilst carrying your baby. Unfortunately; this year we’ve seen a huge rise in fake babywearing hoodies. This has been particularly prevail ant on Facebook over the past month or so.
Many people may be familiar with the following image:picture1



You only have to be on a few mums groups and you’ve probably seen this image shared. There are many huge facebook pages sharing it and sharing links to where you can buy them from. As you can see this post alone has had 43 thousand shares!! And there’s hundreds more posts too! All of them full of comments such as “wow this is amazing! can’t wait to order one”
So what’s the problem?! Nowadays its quite normal to buy cheaper clothing items directly from Hong Kong, Korea etc online. Particularly on Amazon and Ebay. Most people have done it… so what if you want to buy a cheaper item to keep you and baby warm?

There are actually quite a few huge concerns. Firstly the images that are being used are NOT the images of the products being sent. The most common image used is the one in the bottom right of the picture. This actually belongs to a lovely company called Viva La Mama Berlin. They only sell on their website and Etsy – Not to any third parties. Here is the actual hoodie. As you can see the price tag is much higher. This price tag is what I’d would expect to see a babywearing jacket or fleece to be priced at.

But hang on a minute…? If I can get the SAME product but made much much cheaper why would I bother to spend that amount?

Well this is the issue…. the product you receive ( if indeed you ever receive it) is not even close to this one or other great brands of babywearing jackets. All clothing garmets sold in the UK are subject to stringent regulations and this is particularly important with clothing that comes into contact with children. Most babies suck on material so dyes used must be fully safety tested for this purpose. Flammability must have been adequately tested and the clothing must be clearly labelled to state so. This is not the case with these items.

These hoodies are actually being sold as ‘Kangaroo Hoodies’ and it is implied that you can simply slip baby into them with no other carrier or support. This is NOT the case and babies should ALWAYS be placed in a correctly fitted and supportive sling or carrier. We have seen cases very recently of people purchasing these hoodies and when they arrive they are actually just a very loosely stitched pouch on the front of a normal hooded jacket. Not only has this pouch had NO safety testing for carrying a baby, it will not hold your baby in a safe supported position and the risks of airways being restricted and baby slumping are huge. A member of our library contacted the seller when they realised that it was merely a pouch on the front of a hooded jacket and was told ‘you need to support baby still with your hands’

There are some great babywearing hoodies and fleeces out there! Boba are great and the quality is fabulous! They have also had images taken so do beware of buying from a reputable Boba seller – 

Our hoodies are by Boba and can be ordered here

Some other great places to look are lenny lambmam, and Liliputi boba_hoodie-charcoal_6
So how can you ensure you avoid counterfeit items? (including carriers and slings which I will do a separate blog piece on asap)

Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid amazon and ebay – sellers on here tend to be unauthorized sellers. Most genuine retailers sign agreements with suppliers that they will not use these sites to advertise products to it would be rare to find genuine resellers on there.

  • If the price is too good to be true – It probably is! Price point is often a red flag to investigate further.

  • Ask questions. What safety testing has your product had? what materials are used? Are you an authorised retailer  of the product? Genuine retailers will have these answers ready for you and will be happy to share the information.

  • If in doubt – ASK! We are here to give advice please talk to us if you are unsure.


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