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Backwrapping Basics: RUCK

Backwrapping Basics: RUCK – Using Size 5 Natibaby Oxytocin Sunset. Vera wears: Alex and the bea headband and shorts set. Teething necklace by Slingamebobs4


The most popular package I offer for one to ones is by far the Backwrapping Package.  Over the past year I have seen the number of parents wishing to backwrap increase dramatically. Its such an amazing skill to learn and something you will not only learn for now and your child but something you can pass on to future generations. However; lets face it… it’s a pretty daunting thing to learn!  In our culture we are not used to simply chucking our children on our backs using a length of material. To western society it can seem strange and some may even think it looks unsafe. If done correctly though it is extremely safe, secure and comfortable and best of all incredibly versatile.

My advice to anyone wishing to learn to backwrap is firstly ensure you are happy using a woven wrap on your front. Get confident with tightening techniques and learn what you find comfortable / uncomfortable. When you are ready to move on to back carrying please do consider a consultation with a Babywearing Consultant. Whether that be myself or someone else the confidence and skills you can learn from one to one tuition is invaluable. If you do wish to learn on your own then that’s great! (I started this way too!) Always practice over a bed or sofa for peace of mind.
I generally advise to start with a RUCK carry. The RUCK is a nice simple carry to learn and allows you to practice perfecting simple techniques that some find tricky; such at ‘creating a seat’ and effectively tightening the wrap. Once you have these skills mastered moving onto other more complex carries is relatively simple.

Please also remember that is it normal to have a bad day when learning and it is normal to get into a hot sweaty mess and throw your wrap on the floor in a rage! You’re learning a new skill and it takes time and patience. This is why I offer the backwrapping package as a two part consultation with a two week gap in the middle. What I tend to find is that in the two weeks that I leave parents to practice they go through a phase:

day 1-5 after me leaving – They do great! Lots of pictures and smiley faces
day 5-10 after me leaving – it goes wrong every time! they cant get it right and think its not for them after all. I usually get lots of messages at this time and I usually have a little pep talk and chat over what we did.
day 10 – 14 – they do some good carries again! and feel ready to start learning other carries




This is a normal learning process and we’ve all been there when learning!

My top tips for practicing are:


    • Choose a time of day that your baby is in a good mood to practice. This can vary per baby. Some its after a nap, some after dinner etc etc…
    • ONLY practice if you feel calm – never practice when stressed or in a rush. It will never go to plan!
    • Practice little and often – one practice a day is enough for the first week or so.
  • Do not allow anyone to watch you practice who is unsupportive of you doing it. You can do it in front of them in a few weeks when you’re super confident instead 😉
  • Have fun with it – chat away to your baby. Make up silly noises when you scoot her around, sing songs and include small toys if needed. It should be a pleasant experience for her and the more she enjoys it the easier it is for you!



Photography: Hudson and Rose Photography, Grimsby

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