The ability to cuddle your baby

Its something that for a majority of us we take for granted … being able to hold our children from the moment they are born is something that all parents should be able to do. Those first moments are so precious; but for some parents even having those first cuddles are faced with huge challenges.

Learning to connect and be in tune with our babies is something that every one of us finds  challenging; particularly in those early moments. But what if even lifting our own children without the additional support of others is an impossibility? This is the reality faced every day by parents who have a physical disability.

Imagine hearing your baby cry and not being a le to quickly walk over and tend to their needs? For many parents this feeling of helplessness can very quickly spiral into post natal depression and feelings of detachment from baby.

Babywearing and keeping children close can play a huge part in all parenting journeys. The benefits are endless…. but even more so for parents that do have additional needs.

I sometimes feel a little like a broken record when I say “babywearing is for everyone!” but it really is… every single parent form every walk of life can enjoy keeping their children close. And yet I am still faced with many many parents that have physical disabilities believing that they would not be able to use a sling or carrier. But the importance of being able to use a sling is even more so in these situations.

There are several studies now starting to look into the effects of skin to skin and babywearing of post natal depression rates. The feeling of being ‘able’ and capable is something that can make any mother feel more in control and confident in her own abilities… this is even more profound in a mother that all ready in thru past may have experience traumatic circumstances when losing their physical independence. Pregnancy must be filled with so many more additional concerns and worries. What if I’m not able to cope with this baby? What if I cannot bond? What if this baby grows to resent me due to my disability?

Being able to carry babies and get on with day to day life has such a huge impact. Imagine being able to go to the shops, pack groceries, pay AND still be holding your baby ? Even possibly  feeding baby whilst you do so?

With the use of a sling or carrier parents are able to do just that… Each case is different depending on the parents physical abilities and the child but is absolutely is possible and id argue its also essential.

I normally conduct one to ones slightly differently when the parent had additional needs. Its likely we will break down the one to one into a Tel part session. Initially I will come along and just discuss in detail what the parents can do and are struggling to do, we will talk lots about any medics, conditions and also talk about what you are wanting to achieve from being able to babywear. It may be in some cases that we need t work alongside a consultant or therapist and I am always willing to do so.

I may then go away and out a plan together to suit both hour needs; returning with solutions and carrier options for you both to try. There may be additional safety concerns we need to address such as being able to safely out baby in and out of their carrier and this will always be of high importance during the session.

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many thanks to Hudson and rose photography for use of images plus Kerry Ann and Elisa for sharing their lovely photos.

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