Mumaroo Consultancy

I offer one to one appointments in the comfort of your own home. These have proven to be very popular and I get lots of feedback from parents saying how much more confident they felt after having a one to one session. See our reviews on our facebook page here. You can also read through some one to ones I have written about here. The most common reasons people book me for a one to one session are:

You are new to babywearing and you’d like to have the time to look at all options in detail and try many styles of korrin image

You or your baby have a medical condition which requires special attention

You wish to backcarry your baby (we do not teach this during library sessions)

You have multiple children / twins and wish to carry them both at the same time

You are particularly anxious about babywearing and safety

You wish to attend our bump to babywearing course but cannot make the set workshop dates

I have been fully trained by The School of Babywearing and I am fully insured. Certificates and evidence of both can be provided upon request.



Mileage Charges: We now charge mileage in three tiers
Green – £5 mileage charged
Amber – £10mileage charged
Red – £15 mileage charged

You will be asked to select where your venue falls into upon booking and this fee will be added to your one to one price. If you are unsure which area your venue is located – or if you are further afield please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss

Below is a list of current prices and packages; you can book your session by following the links below…. but please do not hesitate to contact me further to discuss your individual needs.
Everyone who books a one to one session will become a Mumaroo Member . This membership  can then be used to hire from any session in future without paying the deposit fees.